Always concerned with providing security, agility and logistical ease to its customers, the Expresso 3300 maintains a physical structure capable of absorbing various continuous or temporary services. With the structure of Expresso 3300, your company has a fast response to store, distribute and manage inventory.


Expresso 3300 currently has value-added services in Warehouse operations, where we offer specialized labor according to our clients’ demands, in addition we have a logistic center with Premium infrastructure in a strategic location. In our warehouse we carry out all transportation of national and imported materials, cross docking, JIT and kanban, we also carry out the entire logistics operation of receiving, managing and organizing the trucks, unloading of palletized materials, physical conference, inspection and segregation of materials With faults, storage of materials according to FIFO or FEFO standard, weekly emission of report, picking and packing, preparation of loads, loading in conveyors.


Expresso 3300 maintains a complete structure to operate the distribution of our customers’ merchandise, we have the expertise to manage a wide network of conveyors, ensuring that the entire process occurs strictly as requested by our client.

Currently, our distribution center is located in São José dos Pinhais, where we have a building structure, security monitoring, specialized surveillance, state-of-the-art cargo handling equipment, excellent employees, administrative controls and the WMS / TMS.


We operate throughout the imported chain, offering everything our customer needs, the entire import process follows an integrated and precise planning.
We have an import center to meet the demand for the purchase of products and services from another country to make use of this in Brazil.
We work with the modality of national and international road freight transportation.


We act with the Kanban technique, where we use the concept just in time, which corresponds to the concept of elimination of stocks by requesting exact quantities of materials at the exact moment of their production or manufacturing.

Cost reduction is the great advantage of the Kanban system, because the stock will only contain only the necessary material, thus developing a greater availability of working capital to our customer, without the need to maintain a capital embedded.

The method also allows to avoid some waste, such as: transportation, overproduction, processing, waiting material in the process, movement in operations and production of defective products.


Through a specialized team, the Expresso 3300 is prepared for the assembly of kits and industrialization, we carry out all the steps of the operation, from the reception of the materials, the assembly and the shipment to the final destination, we also have an internal control system , Where all the materials undergo a rigorous inspection, in order to eliminate any damages that can find.


The nationalization of items is the act of making national a foreign merchandise, so we carry out all the necessary procedures so that the entrance of merchandise in the country occurs in accordance with the law, besides helping throughout the import process, searching the best suppliers , We take care of all the logistics, providing documentation, carrying out the nationalization of the items and delivering in any part of Brazil guaranteeing agility, tranquility and safety, reducing risks.


Expresso 3300 works with Crooss Docking, where we synchronize the receipt and dispatch of the goods with maximum efficiency, we count on a trained team, in order to guarantee absolute control, eliminating the risk of losses.

We deliver the goods in the shortest possible time, in order to eliminate cost of stocking our client.


The Expresso 3300 performs the outdoor patio logistics for new and used equipment, faithful depository of vehicles resulting from seizures, search and transportation of vehicles throughout the national territory, preparation of vehicles for shipping and delivery, general control of all inherent logistical aspects The activities from the reception from the factory or resulting from seizure until loading on the conveyors.


The Expresso 3300 guarantees operation management through our WMS, with its own developers, where it controls receipt, data storage, management and scheduling of inspections and maintenance, checkpoint registration, highly customizable report issuer and Intelligent, KPI’s issuer of monitoring and management, inventories, firewall, billing, shipment, integrated web service, patio mapping for free area identification, multi-platform access module, and interaction with any other system on the market through EDI.

The entire structure of our WMS was developed with Microsoft’s CLOUD AZURE tool, which allows us to store data in the cloud and ensures agility and reliability in data input.

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