The Expresso 3300 specializes in acting within the customer’s plant, offering qualified manpower, dedicated management systems and logistical management expertise.

Acting efficiently, it facilitates the entire supply chain, production, storage and disposal of your company.


We operate in the management of gate and mcc, where we perform all control of entry and exit of vehicles, entry and exit of invoices, we have a high technology to integrate all access and security routines.


Control, coordinate, optimize and manage all processes that are developed within our framework such as:

  • Increase in logistics productivity and decrease in number of operations;
  • Full control of inventory locations;
  • Control of the preparation of orders in real time;
  • Control of worker productivity;
  • Elimination of errors in shipments;
  • Improvement in the fulfillment of the deadlines of delivery of orders;
  • Reducing time on a myriad of tasks within the supply chain;
  • Better use of physical and human resources;
  • Drastic reduction of costs of loss due to unknown validity or loss

Supply of a production line, without the need for intermediate stocks between the warehouse and the assembly point of the part.

Efficient in the optimization of the assembly of parts with a relevant degree of scrap (parts susceptible to scratches or breaks during assembly) and with considered variation of models and colors, which guarantees an accurate and easy supply for the assembler.

This system implemented in a vehicle assembler will highlight the assumptions, difficulties, advantages and disadvantages and possible cost reductions in implementing the entire sequenced supply system.

This concept promotes a pluralistic applicability, where light pieces of different shapes can be sequenced, placed in a properly designed package and supplied directly at the point of application or use, without intermediary stocks.

The results are gained in the process time of the line (due to the reduction of the displacements of the assembler), gains of area, improvements in the logistic flow, reduction in the indices of scrap of the pieces.


The kitting and packing operation is done quickly and without errors through a data collection system, we take care of the management of all type of process that can involve the stock, from its receipt, the separation, the palletizing, the expedition , And the conference of each product. We also carry out the entire process of packaging, repackaging, labeling and assembly of kits.


In order to reduce costs and increase productivity of our customers, we work with line feeding in a much more effective way, we perform a coordinated delivery of the material arrival to the production line, which allows us to reduce the time. In addition we work with computerized systems, thus we have gained in quality and speed in the separation of the materials.


Packaging has a significant impact on cost and productivity within logistics systems. Good packaging management reduces time, improves productivity, optimizes equipment and optimizes transportation. Cost reduction, time to final product delivery, loss reduction, and increased customer service, material handling, warehousing and changing modes of transportation can be achieved. We provide improved service to production lines, avoiding production stops due to lack of packaging. They can be produced in a more customized, faster and at an appropriate cost. The exclusion of the transport stage from the packaging also reduces extra truck movement.


With regard to P & A and CKD activities, Expresso 3300 always strives to achieve logistical gains, seeking a better use of the container space.


Management of all patio activities, such as reception, concierge, reception, handling, loading and unloading, monitoring and control of vehicles. We also have all the management of the vehicle flow through the system, aiming to facilitate, organize and measure all activities.


We operate in the transportation and loading of vehicles 0km, from the production line of the assemblers to dealers and ports, we carry out national and international transport, we count with an excellent fleet of penguins, with web tracking.

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