Having adequate and efficient transportation is critical to the success of your business. At Expresso 3300, all stages of the transportation process are monitored to ensure quality and agility. Our transport structure allows fast action in all continents.


It is through this mode of transportation that a country can excel in foreign trade, facilitating exports and reducing the lead time and cost of imports. Finding the best international means of transport can be the guarantee of earning a good deal and international freight logistics is key to success in import or export operations.


It is the fastest option in road transport taking into consideration the cost benefit. The advantage of express delivery is the punctuality and agility in the delivery of your merchandise. It is a modality by which products are transported with urgent deliveries, high value cargoes or perishables. Despite being characterized as a way to move urgent or special cargoes, express transport has gained considerable prominence in the market with a competitive differential of satisfying demanding customers, more and more immediate.


The main objective is to deliver results that encompass planning, flexibility, technology and innovation in a single process, with integrated solutions from the reception, handling and assembly of kits, transportation and distribution, throughout the national territory.


With a strong presence in the Brazilian automotive spare parts market and responsible for the distribution and storage of spare parts and accessories for large automobile manufacturers, it is necessary to be prepared to respond with speed and agility to the changes imposed by them, maintaining the quality of the product and Your services, both on entry and exit.

Taking in less time the goods to supply the auto parts market, according to the need of each company. Among the results obtained, it is worth noting that the collaborative practice in the transportation activity, with significant impacts for the partners involved, namely reduction of transportation costs, better use of vehicles, reduction of time and delivery performance operating with the best Techniques, systems and skilled labor.


Collect at one or more suppliers and deliver the materials at the final destination, always at pre-established times, which is most commonly used in the automotive industry. By optimizing routes and reducing transport costs of the operation, you can further reduce inventory levels, standardize the volume of incoming materials and speed up loading and unloading.

These programmed shipments according to the customer’s needs (collection windows, date, time and quantities) also reduce the need for space, theft and compression of the products, obsolescence (and problems with expiration date) of the products, inventory maintenance costs between others. The standardization of reusable packaging can complement these advantages and is still a tool for JIT and kanban.


At cross docking the goods arrive “just in time” to the extent that the customer has already requested them or is in the process of requesting them, so they are immediately processed and sent, thus eliminating the need for storage.

In the case of the transfer or movement of the products or goods from the point of receipt or reception, directly to the point of dispatch and delivery, with time in limited stock or if possible null.

By meeting the reduction of costs through the reduction of operations of movement and reduction of stock levels. With the cross docking the advantages are mutual for customer and supplier where the reductions of time and costs with physical area and / or stock within the CD stand out.

With an efficient distribution center, it can be crucial in the success of your business. This strategy allows you to be more agile to deliver the product to your customer as it has become an economical and efficient process, given the evolution in the systems used to control the distribution of products and the need for increasing agility in delivery.


Conveying using containers is considered the safest form of cargo transportation today. The agility in loading and unloading, handling facilities, cost reduction and the structure of the containers help a lot in the logistics process.

The importance of having a fleet of well equipped vehicles with all the licenses to carry all types of goods gives us a great differential. In addition to reducing logistical costs, since containers can be quickly transferred to different modes of transport, accidents and damages common to the direct handling of products are avoided.


It allows the company to transport only its cargoes, taking better care of the needs of the goods, helping to promote the brand and its products with assertiveness in deliveries.

This type of service is totally personalized, since it meets all the Logistic Particularities of the customer, and the requested fleet is totally at the disposal of the contractor.

Road freight service with or without scheduling, in which the customer has the option to send or request their cargo of small and large size with exclusivity and with a different delivery time for any point requested, throughout the Brazilian territory.

Intended for customers who have the need of term, which has products in which they can not be optimized with other goods, and who need flexible hours for loading and unloading


It allows to control all operation and transport management in an integrated way via the system. The system is developed in modules that can be purchased by the customer.

It is possible to identify and control the costs inherent to each operation by identifying and measuring the costs of each transport element. The TMS is able to provide immediate information that assists in the management of the distribution process.

Thus, the cargo can be accompanied from its shipment to its delivery to the consumer being a competitive advantage for being able to use the information to streamline processes ensuring immediate communication, maximum control of the operation, end of route deviations, control over the time of Stops, loading, unloading of transportation, vehicle control and safety and irregular alerts.

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